How to Kill a Cockroach

I'm sure everyone has a number of ways to kill a cockroach. Some common methods include household pesticide like Baygon, stomping on it as hard as you can, or slapping it with a rolled-up newspaper - basically various ways of squishing the bug. But all those methods leave undesirable ways of cleaning up the remains - either your flooring is full of pesticides, or you are left with an area of scattered smelly dead cockroach parts. So a Japanese Company called Fumakilla came up with a better solution to your cockroach-killing needs, one that would stop the bug dead in its tracks by freezing it to -75 degrees Celsius. The best part is the clean cleanup procedure. Since the bug is frozen, you could easily grab a paper towel and lift the cockroach from your floor and dump it out. No pesticides, no smell, like it never happened. Simple eh? Sounds like it, although finding out at your local store will probably be a challenge. Here's the link to Fumakilla's site.

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