Lunch Adventures - Nasi Padang

Lunch is always a challenge for me. Not because I'm picky but I always lose track of time at work which leads to a mean stomach growl. When that happens, nothing would satisfy it as well as Padang Food.

Padang food is very popular among Indonesians and even throughout many Southeast Asians nations. It originates from West Sumatra and most of its rich flavor from tasty coconut milk and spicy chili. In Padang restaurants, the kitchen usually only cooks once a day in the morning, with the exception of fried chicken, which is freshly made when ordered. The variety of dishes are stacked up in layers of plates at the window in front of the restaurant. When a customer sits in, ordering is not necessary (again, usually with the exception of fried chicken) because the table will instantly be swarmed with dozens of small plates, each containing a different dish. Dishes that are untouched can be returned back and won't be charged. Many love to eat Padang food using their bare hands (the traditional way), and for that restaurants usually provide a kobokan, a bowl of lime-infused water to help eliminate food odors. Even so, most people today use spoon and forks to keep their hands clean.

Takeaways or deliveries are slightly different. The common practice is to order one meat, along with the standard veggies and green chili. The packed rice usually 50% more than restaurant portion and served with succulent coconut milk sauce on it. The whole thing is wrapped inside plastic-lined paper and banana leaf. Some restaurants put additional ingredients like ganja or marijuana to give it that extra "mmph."

This was my lunch several days ago with chicken and egg, with the usual veggies and chili of course. Looks good, no?