Apple iPhone 5S

Apple has set many standards in computing, technology, as well as mobile phone industries. Many believe this to be the work of innovator and inventor Steve Jobs. Since Steve's passing in late 2011, people started doubting Apple's ability to keep up. The release of iPhone 5 marks Apple's shift from industry leader to follower, and products like the iPad Mini is another iteration of it. Steve always said he didn't want a bigger iPhone or a smaller iPad, but maybe Tim Cook sees things differently.

So, why write about the iPhone 5S? Because there are rumors of something potentially game changing.

Camera - 12 Megapixels

First I'll start with a somewhat solid rumors. The iPhone 5S will have a 12-megapixel camera, which is a step up from its 8-megapixel predecessor on the iPhone 5. It will increase image quality, as well as low-light performance, a problem with virtually all phone cameras. No word about front camera though, but I would guess that it'll stay at 1.2 megapixels or gets an upgrade to 2.0 megapixels.

Screen - Improved + Multiple Screen Sizes

As it is with almost every iteration of the iPhone, screen is improved. Apple is said to be introducing a new display technology made out of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material.  IGZO has a higher resolution than the current technology, is slightly thinner and brighter than the current iPhone screen. But the most exciting rumor about the iPhone screen is the multiple sizes Apple may offer. If you haven't noticed, most high-end smartphones today are bigger than the size of your hand. This usually make one-hand operation quite challenging, and talking or snapping photos on them looks utterly ridiculous. This is one of the reason I've stayed with the 4S - because of its perfect size. To quote Will Shankin, a Senior mobile writer at Gizmag, "One size always doesn't fill all."

Design - Anodized Colors

As far as its shell, the 5S is expected to carry its design over from the iPhone 5, but may come in more than the current two color options, like what they did with the iPod touch.

Security - Fingerprint Scanning

Now THIS is the feature that I would love to have. It takes too long for me to enter a pin, a picture lock, pattern lock, or whatever screen locks we use today. Unlocking via fingerprint shouldn't take any longer than a regular "Slide to Unlock" as the process should be instantaneous.

Operating System (iOS 7) and Others

The iPhone 5S is rumored to be shipping with Apple's redesigned iOS 7. Its redesign is said to change the way we use iOS, and also to compete with its feature-rich rival, Android. There are also rumors of Apple offering 128GB storage and NFC support. Both of which won't mean much to most of us.


So, what do you think? Will it be a game-changing device? I guess we'll find when Apple releases its new phone this summer. In the mean time, I'll keep snooping around for the latest rumor updates.

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